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Practice Areas

Although our litigation experience spans a wide variety of subjects areas such as major aspects of criminal and civil law, in the event of a dispute, our first recourse is usually to explore alternative dispute resolution mechanisms – negotiation, conciliation and arbitration in order to meet our clients’ usual need for expeditious resolution of disputes and practical results.

Notwithstanding, should litigation become imperative, or inevitable, we are not usually shy of filing the relevant court processes and go the entire length of litigation. Some of the cases we have successfully prosecuted and/or defended include murder, manslaughter, and other forms of criminal cases.

In civil litigation, we have successfully handled  trespass and negligence, actions for defamation, sales of goods actions, claims for accounts, landlord and of tenancy matters, contracts generally, disputes respecting ownership of property, enforcement of securities for bank lending and debt recoveries on behalf of banking institutions, just to mention these.